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Three Podcasts Shows: Declare It with KhadijahRBZ (t-l), Slightly Raw (t-r), Another One (bottom)

Would you like to sponsor an episode of one of our podcasts on DYNAMIK RADIOS TM and get your business/brand heard by over 12,000 listeners in over 12 countries?

With four podcasts currently on five different streaming services your business or brand will be heard anytime, anywhere by anyone. We love supporting other businesses as they build clientele and obtain a new reach, so we want to provide this space for you.


You are able to choose one of our current podcasts on which to have your advertisement aired:

Another One Logo

Another One

This podcast airs every Monday.

A family podcast where TeamBz discusses anything from family matters to business strategies and everything in-between. 

Declare It with KhadijahRBz Logo

Declare It with Khadijah RBz

This podcast airs every Tuesday.

What are you speaking over your life? On this podcast Khadijah RBz endeavors to educate, encourage, and empower listeners to use words that support the life they want to live and thus shaping the reality they desire.

Slightly Raw Logo

Slightly Raw

This podcast airs every Friday.

Three siblings talk about being young, black creatives, and entrepreneurs in society, as well as, some pop-culture things.

And our newest podcast…


This podcast airs every Wednesday.

Do you have what it takes to be THE MAN? This podcast shares the interworking of a man’s brain and what it takes to be the man today.

What You’ll Get

  • One :15 second ad at the beginning of an episode for the podcast of your choice released on next air date
  • Over 12,000 people in over 12 countries hearing about your business
  • A unique voice speaking on behalf of your brand
  • A NEW and DIVERSE audience
  • and access to a creative branding team!

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