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Our mission is to enable music artist from around the world to reach a broader audience through consistent branding, social media promos, and music videos.

Why ND Branding?

We do the heavy lifting

We know you are busy creating tracks, laying verses, and mixing down albums, so let us handle all your branding, design, and video needs.

Fit for your label needs

We create a consistent look and feel for your music visually that will bring listeners. Let's be real, when your branding is top notch people will take you seriously, which is what your label wants, "a return on their investment."

Conoco works so you can rest

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Captivating Design

From album covers to social media promos, flyers to billboards we create captivating designs that will draw new fans to your release party or music video release on your website we will also create for you.

High-Definition Video Editing

Our video editing is second to none. We can shoot your video or YOU can shoot your video and let us edit and add the sauce. We also consult on your music video before any shooting is done to come up with a plan so your video is as fire as possible.

Secure the bag online

You create great music, now you need a place that people can find your music. We have 10 years of experience in web design that we use to create an online visual experience for your listeners and we create a payment funnel for you to secure the bag.

ND Branding Client Mixtape Cover
"We create a top notch design from the feel of your music combined with your look to reach a broader audience."
Tre Bz
Tre B.
Sales / Design

"Great design unlike anything ever seen before."

- Anonymous Sound Cloud Artist