About Us

DynamikWorks is a creative, knowledgable, and results based, consulting and production company that makes your vision come to life. Dynamik Works has 8 years of successful experience in the broadcast tv industry to partner with your company and understand your company’s vision and bring knowledge of the tv, radio, and internet outlets to produce effective results for your business campaign and marketing goals.

DynamikWorks likes to be brought in from the inception of your marketing campaign because we can bring to the table the best way to maximize your marketing dollars and results for each and every campaign.

Below is a sample of the areas DynamikWorks will be able to be a catalyst for your Marketing campaign.

-Creating the most effective plan to position your marketing dollars to win

-Graphic / Logo creation for you business or marketing campaign.

-Promos produced with original footage (TV and Radio) – this means we can produce original quality footage for your company to have an original custom look.

-DynamikWorks will work with the broadcast stations to get air time (this includes tv and radio) and deliver the station the quality custom promo on time and in the correct format to produce the best quality obtainable using that medium.

-DynamikWorks will work with printing companies to have any flyers, brochures, posters, or marketing merchandise produced and ready for distribution or presentation.

-DynamikWorks will also be able to market your event via social media and the world wide web. This even encompasses creating a website if necessary to accomplish your marketing goals.

-DynamikWorks also has the ability to cover your event by recording in HD, taking high resolution still photographs, and capturing professional quality live audio to produce a Master Copy of the event to assist if this production will happen more then once for future marketing. Even if this is a one time event, the Master Copy will be more than suitable for archive purposes.

We hope this small synopsis of the ability of DynamikWorks to partner with your company or group and make the vision come to pass, shows we have a heart to produce a quality relationship with your company in a way that each and every campaign your company wants to present you only think about DynamikWorks to produce a product and results you’ll love and produces exceedingly great results.

Thank you for looking at DynamikWorks for all your production needs.  The Quality You Deserve, The Price You Don’t!

Rich Barber
Owner of DynamikWorks